Premium Vinyl™ Textured Metallic – Permanent, Copper



• 1 roll 12" x 48" (30.5 cm x 122 cm)
• Recommended for indoor use
• Lies flat without tunneling or bubbling for a perfect cut
• Easy to weed, effortless to apply for a light-changing effect

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Get that metallic leaf effect with this textured, veined, and shiny copper foil finish. And it really sticks! Every project goes smoothly when you use Permanent Premium Vinyl. This amazing vinyl lies flat on your cutting mat – no tunneling or bubbling. Cut your design, weed with ease, and apply with awe. Even your most intricate designs effortlessly separate from the carrier sheet for a perfect application. Wonderfully water-resistant, Permanent Premium Vinyl works great for glassware and indoor decor. For use with all Cricut cutting machines.


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