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Cricut Explore Air™ 2 Mint machine

Product Review (submitted on December 6, 2016):
I had never used a Cricut before I received it. I didn't really know what the capabilities of it were and was a complete novice. Right out of the box I created the greeting card project that comes with it. Unfortunately, the penning didn't finish and my card was ruined. I have since brought the error to the attention of Cricut but I'm not sure if it has been fixed.

I created the Intricate Acorn Paper Coaster from Cricut Design Space for Thanksgiving and they turned out pretty great. The cutting pattern was really intricate and after adjusting the cut settings (e.g., light cardstock vs cardstock), they turned out really cute. The only downside was the large amount of leftover cuttings that I had to scrape off of the mat. I think Cricut should include a scraper as a standard accessory in the box.

I made the Oh Happy Day Mini Card from Cricut Design Space for a birthday card. It turned out fine except that I am not a fan of gluing. I'll probably stick to making monochromatic paper crafts in the future just to mitigate the need for gluing different colors and layers.

I made the Coloring Page Activity from Cricut Design Space and these are by far my favorite. I'm giving these as gifts to my son's classmates for Christmas. Simple and fast to make - just what I like.

I delved into vinyl only a little bit but I think this and iron-ons will be my favorite use of the Cricut. I made the Whale Balloon Phone Case from Cricut Design Space and had good luck with using Cricut transfer tape without any instructions.

A couple of other notes:

-I wish the projects in Cricut Design Space were searchable.
-As stated above, the scraper should come as a standard accessory.
-You really need to buy the other tools like the weeder to make life better. I think JoAnn's sells this product with all of the tools, vinyl, pens, and paper - If I were to buy this product I would buy the bundle.
-Sometimes the instructions weren't clear and I had to just wing it. However, I did all of the projects on my iPhone so my problems may be user error.
-Some of the links in the projects on Cricut Design Space (e.g., links to the blog) are outdated. I tried to create the Origami Star but the link didn't work to the blog that shows you how to fold the star. I couldn't figure it out without step by step instructions and had to go elsewhere to find them. Big negative!
-It seems like the cut setting for the scoring tool needs to be set at a thicker setting than the cutting tool. But it could have been the paper I was using.

All in all a pretty nice machine. Mine is mint green and has a retro feel about it. It looks nice next to my vintage Bernina sewing machine! I'm excited to create some iron-on t-shirts for a family reunion next year.

*Disclosure - I received a Cricut Explore Air2 as a gift from Cricut in return for my review. This review represents my own thoughts and opinions.