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Cricut Explore Air™ 2 Mint machine

Product Review (submitted on December 7, 2016):
My last cricut product was a cuttlebug so this was a huge leap and I was dying for something like this. The setup was easy, go to the website, plug it into your computer and go. It tells you the rest. There's a test design I had to do 3 times because I took out the cutter thinking I didn't need it, leave everything alone, it knows what it's doing. I wanted to test out a stencil and found an image I'd drawn and converted to svg (illustrator) via a tutorial and played with sizing and had to cut it out a few times before I got it right. This was the hardest part. Watch their tutorial on making a stencil, then some other variations to get a good idea. I did that after frustration, do that first. Cut, get rid of the excess material, put tape over everything and lift it all off and put onto your end product and carefully pull the tape off (cricut tutorial). Second stencil took one try. I need to figure out sizing better and line thickness but this is for my own designs. I would like to see what other people make and share my own stuff but that could be a hassle for cricut, or maybe I need to play around on their site more. Their android app is awesome though you can't upload, Adobe Illustrator on my tablet won't let you either so I can't really complain. I'd say that most of my problems were of the user error/duh/I need patience variety. The design space is good, I would like to see more functionality like with Inkscape though not a full Photoshop, that'd be too much.