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Cricut Explore Air™ 2 Mint machine

Product Review (submitted on December 19, 2016):
The Cricut Air is much more than a simple craft machine. It can also be used as a computer driven complex cutting machine that is useful for complicated art projects as well.
I am not the demographic you would think of for a machine like this. I was given the Cricut Air as a gift and it took a moment for me to look beyond my previous misconceptions as it being a simple cute craft toy and realize it’s potential for serious art projects that would be very difficult to do by hand. Now I am super excited about this tool!
I am a builder and artist and create sets for haunted houses and escape rooms among other art pieces. As an example, I am looking forward to using my Cricut to cut out raised letters and artwork in foam uploaded from my computer to apply to gravestones. This would be very difficult and time consuming to do with the precision needed by hand.
Sure, it is a fun, easy to use craft machine! Cricut provides access to tons of online clip art to create your own projects. There are tons of cool projects ready to go or they can be modified to make them your own. You can also upload your own artwork and it all turns out very professional looking.
I have done a few of the projects from the website and have been very impressed with how well they go together and how professional they turn out. I even put together a cool 3D hearse and coffin project from the online resources! One of the first things I plan to do is to put together a project to make the machine look a bit more masculine for us guy users!!!
I will update my reviews as I do more projects with my Cricut machine so I can share with you so stay tuned for those!!!
Uncle Rog
Hayes Haunt Productions